We can answer all your questions, areas of knowlegde to ensure you are feeling totally supported by us who have a lot of experience in all domains related to the travel industry.

Speed of reponse, transparancy, one dedicated account manager, dedicated agents who process everything from a to z and price/quality equilibrium are standard terms for us. We do not lose clients because of the quality of all that we have on offer. We pride ourselves to be a market leader on technology and service combined.

We now exist more than 15 years and are within the top 7 Companies providing all travel requirements SME's and large organizations may need.

BTS is also a member of Radius Travel and can assist with all your needs on a global scale. Radius is present in more than 80 countries and has a combined turnover of over 20 billion dollars.

Bts Team
BTS consultation

We can deliver exceptional value for the following items

  • Design a personalised travel policy from scratch.
  • Define and design  travel rules in detail that fit your organisation
  • Optimize online reservations to reduce booking costs.
  • Analyze travel costs and search for overall costs optimization
  • Develop and improve Payment procedures
  • Optimize risk management to ensure your travellers are safe at all times
  • Organize trainings to improve knowledge overall
  • Design personalised reporting tools
  • Personalise a travel portal in the look and feel of your own company.
  • We have extensive expense management tools knowledge and have a broad knowledge on Concur - We are a Concur accredited agency
  • Data Security and PCI Compliance

Our Accountmanager will ensure that we help you seek savings through various analysis and contract negotiations with suppliers.

We offer a 24/7 support service that is very reliable and they operate in various languages including dutch.

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