Business travel is tiring. Of course you want everything to run smoothly. With BTS Corporate Travel you have zero stress: changes, delays, lost baggage... we will quickly solve any problem that might occur.

At BTS we know each customer extremely well. Each booking is suited to your profile as much as possible

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Our services for business travellers

At BTS Corporate Travel you will find a strong, stable team of travel consultants. We are all experts in our field. This enables us to live up to our philosophy of "one customer - one point of contact".

We strive to handle each request quickly and correctly, both offline and online. The advantage of having one designated contact person is that we can even offer you real-time support.

BTS is a "one-stop shop" company: we can help you with all your business travel needs. We have very extensive contracts for hotels, flights, car rental, transfers and events. Booking with us online, offline or via mobile is easy.

BTS can also help you with reports, advice for drawing up a travel policy, technical support, account management, 24/7 support... and all this against the most competitive terms.

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Why choose BTS?

  • Profile management
  • One designated contact person
  • The best routing options
  • Quick and efficient travel advice
  • Professional handling
  • Open, transparent communication
  • We can be contacted for support 24/7
BTS Rapportering


As a customer you require intelligent reporting, so that we can save costs for your company together. We will help you interpret reports and data. We encode data in advance, so that we can detect missed savings at the basis. Together with one of our technology partners, Amadeus, we supply the best technology for this purpose.

With the assistance of BTS Corporate Travel your company will evolve from an offline booker to a fully fledged online company, where one staff member or the person travelling makes all the required bookings. Our team will keep an eye on things behind the scenes. This means you will get the best support against very reasonable prices.

You will be able to save a considerable amount on the traditional fees you pay today.


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